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Best Online Dispensaries Review to Buy Shatter Online Canada

A recap of some of the best shatter online and where to get it, with my top 3 recommendations.

Buy Shatter Online Canada from the Best Online Dispensaries – Review

If you are in the market to buy shatter online Canada and find yourself lost with the endless options available from the countless online dispensaries in Canada. Or, if you’re unsure which shatter strains and quality you should buy online, the Chronic Beaver is here to help.

In addition to my hugely popular cheap shatter Canada page that’s loaded with the cheapest shatter deals. This article is going to narrow it down and review the best online dispensaries to buy the best shatter online with the cheapest deals and biggest rewards going.

buy-shatter-online-top-3-recommendations-canadaEach online dispensary featured below is based out of Vancouver or in BC, so you can rest assured that the shatter you buy online is made from Canada’s best cannabis – BC bud. Plus each dispensary has been vetted and reviewed by the Chronic Beaver and are trusted sources for when you want to buy shatter online in Canada.

Lastly, I am going to present my top 3 shatter recommendations based on personal experience for the best quality and cheapest shatter online.

All shatter features and recommendations are available for Canadian residents only who are a minimum of 19 years of age.

Here are the best online dispensaries to buy shatter online Canada and why.


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Speed Greens is all about AAAA nug run shatter from Canada’s best concentrates brands.

Speed Greens ranks supreme when it comes to buying shatter online in Canada. All of their shatter is quad-A and nug run, nothing but the best. They have an impressive selection as well with over 25 strains of shatter to choose from.

All of the shatter at Speed Greens is sourced from some of the best Canadian cannabis concentrates/extracts brands such as Everest Extracts, BC Nectars, and Monster Extractions.

Why is Speed Greens one of the best online dispensaries to buy shatter online Canada?

  • Outstanding reputation online for integrity and speed of service.
  • It’s all AAAA shatter, sourced from professional cannabis brands.
  • Competitive shatter prices for top-shelf shatter, you will pay between $25 to $30 per gram (before discounts & coupons), depending on how much you buy.
  • Lots of promotions, free weed deals, and coupons to take advantage of, with weekly sales and special offers.
  • Huge shatter menu to choose from, you will likely find a strain that suits you best.

If you never tried SpeedGreens out before, make sure to read my review to get up to speed about who they are, and get all their current deals at the same time.

> Speed Greens Online Dispensary Review

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The High Club for bulk quad-A shatter deals.

TheHighClub is one of Canada’s best wholesale dispensaries for buying shatter online Canada in bulk. They carry a varied selection of shatter, some strains are house blends, while others are from popular cannabis brands like Faded Extracts. I’ve had Faded Extracts shatter numerous times, and it performs fantastically, it dabs and vapes clean and smooth, with no heavy BHO type after tastes but with welcoming terpene flavors that is rare with a lot of shatter.

Faded Extracts Bulk Shatter Mix & Match Deal 

With about 20 strains of Faded Extracts premium shatter to choose from.

  • Buy 8 grams of shatter for $280
  • Buy 14 grams of shatter for $420
  • Buy an ounce of shatter (28 grams) for $640

> Check out the bulk deal

Why The High Club is one of the best online dispensaries to buy bulk shatter online Canada.

  • Sincere, kind and prompt service. The owners are responsive to email inquiries and are very helpful.
  • Nothing but high-quality shatter is on their menu, some sourced from professional cannabis brands, and some shatter strains are house specialties.
  • Shatter prices are wholesale based and are priced to move, the more you buy the more you save. For example, their Afghani Bullrider Shatter prices are $35 per gram, or $20 per gram if you buy shatter by the ounce (28 grams).

Read my The High Club wholesale dispensary review and get their current deals and coupon codes.

> The High Club Review


Green Society for the best concentrates online, their house shatter is killer good!

The Green Society is one of Canada’s more established online dispensaries with a large menu offering to buy shatter online as well as pretty much everything else cannabis related.

I did a 3000-word Green Society concentrates review and had such a good time with their killer concentrates that I couldn’t stop writing. I encourage you to give it a read and see why I think they have some of the best concentrates online.

Why Green Society is one of the best online dispensaries to buy shatter online in Canada.

  • They are an established online dispensary with a solid reputation.
  • Lots of shatter brands to choose from with several great shatter combo packs available.
  • Read my review of their concentrates to learn more.
  • Lots of perks, deals, and rewards.

If it’s your first time ordering online with Green Society, make sure to take advantage of my first order coupon code and discount code.

> See my main Green Society Review for all their deals and coupons.

buy-shatter-online-top-3-recommendations-canadaThe Chronic Beaver’s top 3 shatter recommendations.

Here are my top 3 shatter pics based on personal experiences with the shatter strains.

Pink Death Star Shatter from Evergreen Medicinal (EGM)

This premium shatter is made from a rare 100% pure indica hybrid strain created through crossing the potent Death Star with the classic Blood Rose.

With a smooth texture at room temperature, a good snap, and a clean transparency.

> Read my Review of this product

With bulk shatter pricing available:
Currently Sold Out 1g $30 / 6g $150 / 14g $320 / 28g (1oz) $575

Green Society's AAAA+ House Blend Shatter

green-society-AAAA-house-blend-shatter-thumbThe house blend shatter at Green Society is a real treat and it has surprising flavor with high terpene content. It’s made from a mixture of Green Society’s premium top-shelf strains including Death Star, King Louis XIII, OG Diesel Kush, Northern Lights and many more. I can’t recommend this shatter enough, it’s high end, with incredible value. Read my review of this product.

Green Society’s AAAA+ house blend shatter is sold in 2-gram packs and is on sale:
2 grams $120 $60

Green Society’s AAA+ house blend shatter is also available, sold in 3-gram packs:
3 grams $120 $70

Speed Greens Jack Herer AAAA Shatter

speed-greens-jack-herer-shatterThe Jack Herer shatter at Speed Greens is a Sativa dominant strain and is a heavy hitting hybrid that does its job wonderfully every time without crashing too hard. Read my review of this product.

Speed Greens Jack Herer shatter is sourced from Everest Extracts with great pricing for AAAA shatter:
1 gram $30 / 7 grams $200 / 14 grams $380 / 28 grams $700

Final Thoughts

I hope my shatter review and recommendations helped you find some online dispensaries to buy shatter online who you can trust. Remember that when you are searching for quality shatter online in Canada, to only buy nug run shatter. Trim run shatter is available at some online dispensaries, and the reputable ones will state that it’s trim run.

Also, I would like to point out that when your shatter is delivered from Cannabis Post, it will sometimes lose its glass-like structure and melt due to warm weather conditions. This is normal and not to worry, the shatter is fine in any state, just store it in the fridge.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below, and I will answer them ASAP.

The Chronic Beaver

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