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Buy Edibles Online with Blue+Yellow Online Dispensary

With Blue+Yellow's best-selling edibles menu, reviews, ratings, and coupon code.


Buy Edibles Online Canada


15 Servings THC: 210mg – $23.00

This article features Blue+Yellow’s best-selling edibles menu with reviews & ratings for this online dispensary so you can buy with confidence the next time you buy edibles online.

Blue+Yellow is Canada’s best online dispensary to buy edibles online. They have an impressive selection of THC and CBD marijuana edibles from some of the best and well-known cannabis brands in Canada.

Blue+Yellow’s inventory of edibles and cannabis concentrates are from trusted and recognized brands such as Baked Edibles, Apothecary Labs, Phoenix Tears, Sleepy Bear Gummies, Earth’s Edibles, and more. All the edibles you buy online with Blue+Yellow are lab tested, certified and priced right.

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Blue+Yellow isn’t just about edibles, they have high-quality medical marijuana as well.


Pink Bubba THC: 19%-25%

You can also get high-quality medical-grade marijuana strains with prices that won’t break the bank. When you buy weed online at Bluw+Yellow Online Dispensary you only get the best quality cannabis that’s backed by a committed service team whose goal is to make every customer 100% happy.

One way they do this is by getting your order delivered to your door anywhere in Canada between 1-3 business days with a 100% guarantee against lost shipments. This is a big + when you want to get weed online and when you want to buy edibles online with confidence and trust.

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Buy Edibles Online with Blue+Yellow

Top 10 Best-Selling Edibles

Blue+Yellow’s buy edibles online menu is very popular with those who prefer to medicate without smoking or vaping cannabis.

Organic Honey Tincture by Baked Edibles

Organic-Honey-Tincture-buy-edibles-online-blue-plus-yellowTHC: 100mg / SIZE 100ml – Besides the incredible health benefits, our THC honey will be a staple for any cannabis lover’s cupboard. $32.00

Sleepy Bear THC Gummies by Earths Edibles

THC-Gummies-buy-edibles-online-blue-plus-yellow10 Pack – 10mg of THC and .1 mg of CBD per. Made using CO2 extracted organic indica oil, these delicious treats can help with pain relief. $15.00

Salted Caramel Bar by Baked Edibles

salted-caramel-chocolate-buy-edibles-online-Blue-plus-Yellow75mg of THC per bar. The Salted Caramel Seduction Cannabar is perfect for patients looking for a delicious and tasty medication. $16.00

Peanut Butter Cups by Baked Edibles

Peanut-Butter-Cups-buy-edibles-online-Blue-plus-Yellow2 servings with 20mg of THC for each. A generous dollop of all-natural peanut butter surrounded by our signature Cacao Barry Superieure Chocolate. $12.00

Hot Chocolate by Baked Edibles

Hot-Chocolate-buy-edibles-online-Blue-plus-Yellow2 servings with 25mg of THC for each. Decadent Belgian hot chocolate mix to curl up with on a blustery winters day. $7.50

A Powerful Fudge Brownie by Baked Edibles

Fudge-Brownie-buy-edibles-online-Blue-plus-Yellow1 bar with 200mg of THC. These high-strength brownies are chewy, moist and a huge favorite. $23.00

CBD and THC Infused 4:1 Tincture

CBD-THC-TINCTURE-buy-edibles-online-Blue-plus-YellowTHC: 75mg / CBD: 300mg. This tincture can be used to reduce stress and pain while promoting relaxation. $60.00

THC & CBD Mist (Spray's) by Apothecary Labs

THC-CBD-Spray-Mist-buy-edibles-online-Blue-plus-YellowMists offer significant advantages over other methods of administering cannabinoids. $32.00 each with 6 options.

Canna Caps by Apothecary Labs

Canna-Caps-buy-edibles-online-Blue-plus-Yellow10 packs – Canna Caps are perfect to reduce stress and promote physical relaxation. $30.00 with 5 options.

Phoenix Tears Pure THC Oil by Baked Edibles

Phoenix-Tears–THC-Oil-edibles-online-Blue-plus-Yellow0.5ml of pure THC extract oil – Pure Whole-plant cannabis essential oil, extracted into MCT coconut oil as a neutral carrier lipid. $30.00

Blue+Yellow Online Dispensary Review & Ratings

Blue+Yellow want you to feel secure and confident when ordering online from them, they believe that happy customers are return customers, so they do EVERYTHING they can to make sure you have the perfect customer experience.  They provide email support and have a chat desk that`s available throughout their website in case you have questions on the fly when ordering.

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Also, take a look at our Edibles Canada deals and coupons page for more great options.

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