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Buy Trim Shake Online Canada, get the Best Weed Deals

Get the cheapest weed deals from online dispensaries that sell shake, trim, budget buds, $3 grams, $99 oz, and bottom of the bag deals in Canada with coupon codes.

Update February 16, 2020

Looking to buy trim shake online Canada? Or, are you searching for budget buds online like cheap grams of weed, $3 grams, $4 grams, or even cheap ounces at $99 oz or $100 oz?  Let me help you find just what you are looking for with the cheapest weed deals and with the best online dispensary coupon codes.

Also learn about the difference between shake and trim, and what to do with shake and trim Q & A style.

Blue City Diesel AAAA Shake – TheHighClub

You have limited options when it comes to buying trim, shake, and budget buds online in Canada. There are only a handful of online dispensaries more or less where you will find trim, shake, and budget buds for sale in Canada. For the most part, you will find shake and trim for sale by the quarter pound, half pound, and pound. Some dispensaries sell shake by the ounce as well (which are listed below), and some sell budget buds and popcorn buds by the gram at $3 per gram, $4 per grams, $5 per gram and so on.

Each weed deal and coupon code below for shake, trim, and budget buds is from verified and trusted Canadian online dispensaries. Click on the offer that interests you, and you’ll be taken to the original source so you can get the weed deal directly.

Cannabis Shake and Trim Q&A

How much is a pound of Trim worth?

A pound of Trim is worth between $200 to $500 depending on the quality of cannabis it came from (1 pound = 16 ounces). The Trim prices are the best prices quoted from online dispensaries in Canada.

How much is a pound of Shake?

A pound of Shake is worth between $350 to $650 depending an the grade of cannabis it is (1 pound equals 16 ounces). Much like Trim, Shake sells for roughly the same price, but it can get more expensive if you buy AAAA quality Shake, or AAA+ popcorn buds as some online dispensaries describe their shake.  The Shake prices are the best prices quoted from online dispensaries in Canada.

Ounce of Shake price?

The price for an ounce of Shake in Canada costs between $50 to $99 per ounce depending on the grade of Cannabis it’s sourced from and what dispensary you but it from. For an an ounce of Trim, the same Shake prices and conditions apply.

What is Shake?

Shake is those lose small nugs, and bits & pieces that collect at the bottom of your bag of weed or in budtender’s weed jar. In case you are wondering,  Shake is nothing like Kief. Kief is tiny bits of trichomes from Cannabis flowers that is considered to be more valuable in price and quality with significantly higher THC levels than Shake.  

Shake is more or less just leftover weed, and it shouldn’t be considered a low end product based off its reputation. Your budtender might tell you that their Shake is high-quality “all the trichomes (crystal) fall off the buds and help make up our Shake”. There is some truth to that, I’ve had some fantastic shake pre-rolls that came from AAAA flowers, and I’ve had some horrible shake in my younger years that came from low quality flowers that gave me a headache and was harsh to smoke. 

It’s not uncommon for dispensaries to use their shake for pre-rolls and you will see online dispensaries sell their shake and popcorn buds at great prices, just make sure it comes from AAAA cannabis flowers for the best smoking and vaping experience. 

What is Trim?

Trim comes from the result of cutting marijuana leaves off the plant after it has been harvested. Larger cannabis producers hire Trimmers to cut off all the marijuana leafs that surround the buds and remove all the unwanted foreign materials (twigs). The clippings are collected and repurposed because the leaves still have trichomes on them that provides value to many different types of consumers.

What is the difference between Shake and Trim?

The main differences between Shake and Trim:

  • Shake can be a higher quality product with more trichomes and higher THC levels.
  • Shake is the bottom of the bag leftovers from your buds that have already been trimmed.
  • Sativa Shake or Indica shake can be enjoyable to smoke and vape if it comes from high quality weed.

  • Trim is the collection unwanted marijuana leaves and twigs during harvest, there is minimal flower present.
  • Trim has lower THC levels and less trichomes present.
  • Trim is generally a product that you don’t want to smoke, its best used for making edibles and concentrates.

What is the difference between Bud and Trim?

The main differences between Bud and Trim:

  • A grower will trim the plant of its leaves, leaving the remaining oh so sweet and crystal coated buds that everyone desires.
  • Trim is marijuana leaves and stems only with minimal trichomes and THC content. Trim is harsh to smoke and often gives you headaches.
  • Buds or marijuana Flowers are the crown jewel of the cannabis plant, with the the highest concentration of trichomes and THC available in the plant.  Buds are a true pleasure to smoke and savor.

What to do with Shake and Trim?

You can use Shake and Trim for making edibles and making cannabutter for baking, you can also make concentrates like shatter, hash and THC and CBD oils from Shake and Trim.

Smoking and vaping shake is perfectly fine and you get more shake weed for your dollar if that’s your thing. I wouldn’t recommend using Trim for smoking joints though, unless you want a headache with your high!

Here is a great article with 21 recipes that you can use your Shake and Trim with.

Buy Trim Shake Online Canada, with the Best Weed Deals and Coupons

As mentioned earlier, it’s not always easy to buy trim shake online in Canada, especially if you are searching for Sativa Shake, or CBD trim for sale with the best weed deals. Below you will find the best online dispensaries that sell trim and shake Canada, and I’ll include the dispensary’s current coupon codes and deals as well.

All weed deals and coupon codes are available for Canadian residents only who are a minimum of 19 years of age. 

Dispensaries that sell Shake and Trim Canada


Haute Health Online Dispensary

Basic Grade Shake
> 1 oz $28 / Half Pound (8 oz) $200

Basic Grade Shake is perfect for those looking to make edibles, hash, tinctures and much more.

Premium Grade Shake
> 1 oz $56 / Half Pound (8 oz) $400

Premium Grade Shake is perfect for those looking to make edibles, hash, tinctures and much more.

Haute Health Exclusive Coupon Code For 20% Off: chronichighclass20 (applies to orders over $100, one-time use per customer).

> See All Shake at Haute Health

My Haute Health Review & Unboxing


The High Club Wholesale Online Dispensary

Blue City Diesel Shake & Trim AAAA
> 1 oz $65 / Half Pound (8 oz) $285 / 1 Pound (16 oz) $475

These AAAA organic sugar hand-trim leaves are made up of a mix of all our highest quality flowers and they are perfect for making edibles, pressing or extracting rosin and oils, or even a smoke. Each bag will vary and contain stems and leaves. You may also find some popcorn nugs! Check it out

> My High Club Review & Promos


10% off Cannabismo coupon: TCB10new

Buy Cannabis Trim and Shake Online Canada @ Cannabismo

Get some great weed deals at Cannabismo on trim, perfect for making edibles and extracts!

Buy Trim Online – HYBRID
> Hybrid AA Trim 28 Grams $35 / Purple Space Cookies AAA Trim 28 Grams $50

Buy Trim Online – INDICA
> Indica AA Trim 28 Grams $35 


5% off coupon code: Beaver5

Buy Shake Online with West Coast Cannabis

Mixed BC Bud Shake
> 1 oz $50 / Half Pound (8 oz) $300 / 1 Pound (16 oz) $500

This BC Shake is perfect if you want to bake and vape. West Coast Cannabis also have great weed deals on budget A – AA strains, take a look at their cannabis menu.


Budget Buds, Trim, and Shake @ West Coast 420

Get Some Serious Weed Deals with $2 Grams, $55 Ounces, & Premium Shake
> Check out the menu

A few examples of their Budget Buds and Shake deals:  Ghost Train Haze-A $55 an ounce, Romulan-AA+ $80 an ounce, Premium Shake is on sale by the ounce, $80 $70 – See All

West Coast 420 Coupon Code:

10% off your first order coupon code: FIRST10

Buy Trim Shake Online Canada at CannaWholesalers

Low Grade Trim Shake 
> 1 oz $35 / 4 oz Lb $80 / 8 oz $125 / 16 oz (1 pound) $200

*Disclaimer* Leaves and stems will definitely be in your order, small bits of Purolite (soil) may be found as well.

Our Low-Grade Shake/Trim is great for making lower grade Cannabis Oil and Concentrates.
Highly recommended to purchase small amounts (ounce) first to see if suitable for your requirements.

CannaWholesalers Discount Code:

Exclusive $10 off your next order discount code: Chronic10 (one-time use only, min order $110)


Use Code: BEAVER25

Buy Trim & Shake Online at Speed Greens

Purple Kush Trim
> 1 oz $30
Duke Nukem Trim
> 1 oz $35
Red Congolese Trim
> 1 oz $40

> See all Trim @ Speed Greens

> Get free weed offers and more coupon codes for Speed Greens

Get the Cheapest Weed Deals – Budget Buds, $3 Grams, $4 Grams, $99 ozs…

Get the Cheapest Weed Deals Online Canada

budget-buds-memeIt’s not always easy to locate budget buds and find the cheapest weed deals online Canada. Not all online dispensaries offer these value offerings, some focus on top shelf strains and AAA marijuana, while others focus more on budget strains and a little bit of both.

I searched the internet and picked out some of the best and cheapest weed deals going for budget buds, popcorn buds, cheap grams, $99 ozs, $100 ozs, etc all from verified and trusted mail order marijuana (MOM) dispensaries Canada.

Here are some Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) Dispensaries with the cheapest weed deals for Budget Buds, $3 grams, $99 ozs, AA cannabis and more.

> Budget Buds AAA+ @ The High Club

With $100 ounces, $110 ounces, $120 ounces
Featuring budget buds for sale by the ounce, and it’s all AAA to AAA+ quality, unheard of! See my High Club review for their additional bulk weed deals and my coupon code.

> Speed Greens AA Budget Buds Cannabis Shop

Speed Greens has a huge menu with over 500 products in their store. When it comes to Cannabis flowers, they have a wide selection with a AA Flower Shop. You will find lots of weed deals for “smalls” or popcorn buds by the ounce, half ounce, quarter, eighth, and with 1 oz and 1/4 pound mix & match deals.

See my Speed Greens Review for all their coupon codes and free weed deals to stack on top of your order (too much to list here).

> Haute Health $3 Grams, and $4 Grams

Featuring some budget buds with $3 gram strains like Pandora’s Box, Rockstar, ShipWreck, and $3 grams of Trainwreck. And, $4 gram strains with Chem Fruit, Green Dream, and $4 grams of OG Kush. Were talking some decent flower that will do the job nicely for cheap, they give $99ozs a new meaning. The $3 grams are about $75 oz and with $99 ozs at the $4 gram level. See the Flowers

Use my 20% off coupon code: chronichighclass20 (applies to orders over $100, one-time use per customer).

> Kush Berry AA Budget Buds Sale @ Canada Cannabis Dispensary

Half Ounce $69 $59 / $99 Ounce Reg $119
From $3.53 – $4.21 per gram. Kush Berry is also popularly referred to as Berry Kush. It’s a 100% Indica dominant strain with THC content that offers a high that is quite powerful.

10% off exclusive coupon code: TCB10 (one-time use)

>Budget MK Ultra Strain from West Coast Supply

$70oz / $260 4 ozs
MK Ultra is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with 70/30 indica/sativa ratio. This strain provides a heavy indica-like stoner experience and it’s almost hypnotic. This is the budget version of the popular strain, the THC Levels still tested at 21%. The main difference is this batch is more leafy.

> The Actual Budget Buds Strain at Green Society

$160 oz / 2+ ounces $150 (only sold by the ounce)
Green Society wants to always make sure that you never sacrifice quality or potency when shopping our affordable higher quality options. Budget Buds is a BC specialty known for its’ earthy terpene profile consisting of sweet and floral notes. While the lineage of this strain is mysterious, what is known is that it boasts impressive THC levels. Check it out

See my Green Society Review for my exclusive discount code and coupons codes.

> AA – AAA Popcorn Buds at CannaWholesalers

$55 Per Half Ounce
Popcorn Buds provide great bang for your hard earned dollar! All flowers come in small nugs the size of a dime – a quarter. If you do not mind small buds, this is a great selection. Smaller buds do not necessarily mean lower quality. Learn more

Exclusive $10 off your next order discount code: Chronic10 (one-time use only, min order $110)

> $100 oz Deals at West Coast Cannabis

West Coast Cannabis have all sorts of options when it comes to $100 ozs Canada, when you break it down, I’m talking $3 grams and $4 grams. With AA Strains like Blueberry Kush, Lemon Kush, Mango Kush, Medi Star and Platinum Kush, plus, the more you buy, the more you save.  Check out the strains

Get 5% off your order with West Coast Cannabis, use my coupon code: Beaver5 (one-time use only).

> Buy AA Budget Buds Online @ Peak420

$75ozs to $119ozs
Peak420 have some of the cheapest weed deals and have a great budget buds menu category with lots of strains to choose from. Take a look

Get 15% off your first order with Peak420, use coupon code: 420new


sweet-tooth-review-sample-speed-greens-photo-gallery-5Speed Greens is a popular online dispensary with over 500 products in their shop that covers top shelf customers and budget minded folk. They are one of the Chronic Beaver’s most trusted dispensaries for reliability, professionalism, product quality, and everyday value.

Together we have some exclusive free weed deals, weed upgrades, discount codes, and coupon codes. There is too much to list here, but all the details can be found on my review for them.

> See my Speed Greens review for all the details


I hope I was able to help you find some trim or shake for sale and budget buds that suits your needs best. I will keep this page updated with the best weed deals for Trim, Shake, Popcorn Buds, $3 Grams, $99 oz etc, so be sure to check back here the next time you want to buy trim shake online.

Thank you,
The Chronic Beaver

The Chronic Beaver's Cannabis in CanadaFind tonnes more deals for BC Bud on my feature online dispensary Canada page.



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