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No More Paranoia From Buying Weed in Canada

This Hour Has 22 Minutes skit of a legal over-the-counter weed deal at Shoppers Drug Mart.

One thing is for certain, buying weed in Canada will become a less shady back door experience as the cannabis lifestyle moves from a subculture into the spotlight of mainstream Canada this summer/fall. No more awkward moments standing and waiting for your weed at your dealer’s place, making small talk. No more, or less uncertainty of the quality of bud you will be getting. And above all, no more paranoia of being involved in illegal activities and getting busted for weed.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes did a fun skit that plays on this, and who knows, we may one day be buying our weed over-the-counter at Shoppers Drug Mart, if the chain gets its way.

Here is everything you need to know about Cannabis in Canada legalization.