Buy Cheap Shatter Online Canada

Buy Cheap Shatter Online Canada

Get the best deals & coupons for Shatter, Liquid Shatter, HTFSE, Terp Sauce, Live Sauce, Live Resin, THCA Diamonds, HTFSE Vape Pens, and more.

Buy Cheap Shatter Online in Canada – Get the Best Quality Shatter at Incredible Wholesale Prices

Updated January 03, 2020

Shatter is very popular with Canadians these days and is commonly referred to as “marijuana on steroids”. That’s because shatter is an extremely potent cannabis concentrate that can have THC levels up to 80% or higher. Everyone wants to buy shatter online in Canada because you can get a better deal and a better selection from some of the best shatter brands in Canada. If you want to buy bulk shatter or wholesale shatter Canada, then online shopping is the best and cheapest option to buy shatter online Canada.

HTFSE (High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extracts) Do you know what this is? Find out more about HTFSE (link takes you to the bottom of this page) and it’s wonderful types, with the best online dispensaries to get it from.

shatter-weed-memeShatter Prices Canada

For the best quality and the best shatter prices Canada, you need to know what you want and where to get it, and that takes some research. Thankfully we did that research for you and sourced out and partnered with some of the best online dispensaries and some of the best shatter brands in Canada so we can help you buy shatter online in Canada at the best price.

We based our research on the following criteria:

  • Is the shatter nug run or is it trim run shatter? – The Chronic Beaver only features nug run shatter.
  • Online shatter reviews to see if the general consensus of the shatter we feature is well above average.
  • Base shatter prices Canada for value when buying low quantities.
  • Bulk shatter in Canada – if bulk deals were available over half an ounce (14 grams).
  • Wholesale Shatter Canada – if wholesale shatter deals over one ounce (28 grams) were available.

If you buy shatter online in Canada it can get expensive when you buy it in small quantities. Shatter prices vary depending on the brand and product, whether it’s nug run shatter or trim run shatter for example. A single gram of top-shelf AAAA nug run shatter can cost up to $50 per gram, but if you buy bulk shatter or wholesale shatter Canada then the shatter prices can get as low as $10 to $15 per gram for the same strain and grade of shatter.

Buy Cheap Shatter Online Canada – Deals & Coupon Codes

Each shatter deal or coupon below is from our trusted partners who operate secure online dispensaries or online cannabis stores in Canada. Click or tap on the offer that interests you, and you’ll be taken to the original source so you can buy shatter online and get the deal directly.

All shatter deals and coupon codes are available for Canadian residents only who are a minimum of 19 years of age. 

Speed Greens is all About Top Shelf Concentrates

speed-greens-buy-weed-online-canada-logoWith a huge concentrates menu that has something for everyone with very competitive pricing.
Take a look at their quad-A collection of shatter strains, budder, imported hash, live resin, HTFSE, Diamonds, Distillates, and oils. With lots of mix & match packs and bulk options. 

All of their premium concentrates are sourced from some of Canada’s best extracts brands who only use AAAA strains, from the likes of Monster Extractions, High Voltage Extracts, BC Nectars, Everest Extracts, and Nektr Extracts.


  • 10% off coupon code: BEAVERBUD10 (One-time use, doesn’t apply with other coupon codes or on sale products)
  • Repeat order 10% off coupon code: BEAVERAGAIN10 (One-time use, doesn’t apply with other coupon codes or on sale products)
  • NEW $25 off discount code: BEAVER25 (one-time use, doesn’t apply with other coupon codes or on sale products, min order $200)
  • Plus get a whole bunch of free weed when you order, get the details.
$10 off coupon: Chronic10
$25/g Rock Star Shatter
5% off GetKush shatter code: beaver5
GetKush 5% off coupon: beaver5
On sale, now $65 from $75
10% off coupon code: VAPELIFE
10% off Code: beaverfire10
10% off Code: beaverfire10
See everything on sale
See everything on sale
See our wholesale shatter deals
10% off first order code: CBEAVER10
20% off: GS20 - $20 off: ChronicBeaver
West Coast Cannabis Shatter Menu
5% off code: Beaver5 (one-time use)
On sale for $100 from $120
10% off code: Chronic10
10% off code: Chronic10
Free shipping over $99
Free shipping over $99
15% off coupon: greenace15
20% off coupon: chronichighclass20
20% off coupon: chronichighclass20
Get $20 in points on first order
Get $20 in points on first order
8 grams of AAAA (4x2g) at $28.75/g
8 grams of AAAA (4x2g) at $28.75/g
Use discount code: BEAVER25
+ Get 3.5g of free BC bud on sign up
See all Mix & Match packs on sale.
See all Mix & Match packs on sale.
10% off: FRESH10 with free weed
10% off: FRESH10 with free weed
Free shipping over $99
Free shipping over $99

West Coast Cannabis Premium Shatter

West Coast Cannabis Shatter Menu

5% off code: Beaver5 (one-time use)

Bulk Shatter Deals, Wholesale Shatter Deals, OZ Shatter Deals, Mix & Match Shatter Pack Deals

At West Coast Cannabis you will find all sorts of shatter deals online. They have their own premium line of shatter and they carry shatter from some on the best brands. With lots of mix & match shatter packs and bulk shatter deals to choose from. For example, their Mix and Match Shatter Pack from 91 Supreme – (6 grams) is on sale for $240.00 $190.00

Even More Deals to Buy Cheap Shatter Online Canada

Haute Health’s $15 Shatter, $20 Shatter, $30 Shatter

20% off coupon: chronichighclass20 (one time use only)
With bulk discounts (ie. $15 Shatter by the ounce will cost you $369.60, that’s $13.20 per gram for shatter) Take a look at all their strains of shatter.

Healing Empire Shatter Sale
> Sale Price: 1g $35 $24.99

10% off coupon: OFFER10 (one time use only)
Choose from Ice Wreck shatter, Green Crack God shatter, Pink Kush Shatter, Gorilla Glue Shatter and more.

Nature’s Fire Quad-A Coffee & Cream Sugar Wax Shatter
> Sale Price: 1g $28.50 /3g $82.50 / 7g $175

Use my exclusive 10% off Coupon Code: beaverfire10
Recommended – (While quantities last) Made from AAAA flower by The Berlin Flower Co (currently available on the menu). Grade: AAAA – Texture: Glassy/Nice Snap –  Purge Time: 100+ Hours

Green Society House Blend AAAA+ Shatter Deal
> 1 gram $60 $35 / 2 grams $120 $60

Recommended – Their AAAA+ House Blend Shatter is made from our AAA strain catalog, and only nugs are used to ensure a high-quality product.

The High Club Mango Kush Shatter
> 1g $35 / 3.5g $115 / 7g $225 / 14g $325 / 28g $550

Recommended – The Mango Kush marijuana strain tastes similar to the actual mango fruit, with a distinct kush flavor and hints of pine on the exhale. This shatter version has similar flavor profiles when it comes to limited shatter flavors.

Wedding Cake Shatter (AAAA) from GetKush
> 2g $65 / 8g $220 / 14g $320 / 28g $600

Recommended – As the name suggests, this Wedding Cake shatter is the crack of cannabis concentrates.

Black Dog Flower Rosin (90-120u) – Moonshine Cannabis Gardens from DHO Medicinal
> On Sale 1 gram $35 $25

10% off coupon code: ChronicBud10 (one time use only)
Recommended –
Made from AAAA Craft Cannabis – Sugarcane – By Moonshine Cannabis – Note: Buds pressed were VERY DARK Purple, therefore the rosin is a tad darker. Quality is AAAA

God Bud Shatter (Craft AAAA) from Nature’s Fire Concentrates
> Sale Price 1 gram $37.50 $25 / 3 grams $105 $74 / 7 grams $227.50 $168.75

Use my exclusive 10% off Coupon Code: beaverfire10
Recommended –
(New batch, while quantities last) Made from AAAA God Bud cannabis sourced from The Berlin Flower Co (Bulk Shatter Pricing Available).

Speed Greens Monster Extractions Pineapple Express AAAA Shatter
> 1g $33 / 7g $220 / 14g $400 / 28g $750

Monster Extractions is a premium shatter brand and very popular in Canada.

Stripper Spit Sugar Wax (1 gram) from The High Club
> 1g $40

Otherwise known as “Angel Cookies” or “Angel Spit”, this gorgeous strain is the child of the Girl Scout Cookies and Granddaddy Purple. Unlike regular wax, sugar wax has been vacuumed and heat purged. We strategically agitate the wax to create nucleation, which gives the wax its sugary consistency. The process of nucleation helps preserve maximum terpene content and heightens the strain’s flavor profile.

AAAA Fruit Punch Shatter Sale @ The Green Ace
> 1 gram $28 / 2 grams $50 / 7 grams $165 

Get 15% off everything in their store, use coupon code: greenace15 

Everest Nug Run AAAA Shatter at EGM Medicinal
> $33 to $706 (Shatter prices get cheaper with the more your order)

Recommended – All Everest Extracts products are lab tested for THC percentages and include a full product description that covers strain genetics, effects, known medical benefits, and parenthood, creating a highly personalized purchasing experience where little is left to chance.

Recommended = The Chronic Beaver has sampled/reviewed and thoroughly enjoyed the shatter.

Shatter Canada – Mix & Match Shatter Packs

Buy shatter online with the Chronic Beaver and get the Best Shatter in Canada.

Here are some more great deals on mix & match shatter packs Canada from the best online dispensaries. Some great bulk shatter Canada deals are to be had, happy shatter shopping!

The Green Ace 6 Gram Shatter Pack
> Sale Price: $160

Pick any 6 Grams of shatter and mix and match it up! With 10 strains to choose from.

Nature’s Fire Premium Mix & Match Shatter Pack King Size
> Sale Price: $675 for 28 grams of craft AAAA shatter, mix & match it up!

Available at DHO Medicinal. Grade: AAAA –  15 top shelf strains to choose from. Use my exclusive 10% off Coupon Code: beaverfire10

BMWO 7 Gram Shatter Budder Mix & Match Pack Canada
> $245 $208 Choose from over 10 strains

Mix and match 7 grams of top shelf bud run AAAA shatter and budder, save your money! Available at BuyMyWeed Online

Speed Greens BC Nectars Mix & Match AAAA Ounce Shatter Pack (4×7)
> 28 Grams $750

Choose 4 strains of 7 grams each of BC Nectars shatter.

Speed Greens BC Nectars Mix & Match AAAA 8 Gram Shatter Pack (4×2)
> 8 Grams $250

Choose 4 strains of 2 grams each of BC Nectars shatter.

Speed Greens Monster Extractions Mix & Match AAAA Shatter Pack (1 Ounce)
> 28 Grams $750

Choose 4 strains of 7 grams each of Monster Extractions shatter.

The High Club Faded Extracts (AAAA) Mix & Match Shatter Packs
> Quantity Discount Shatter Pricing: 8g $280 / 14g $420 / 28g $640

Mix & match any Faded shatter to make your own shatter packs, with over 15 shatter strains to choose from.

GetKush’s Shatter Platter Deal
>  4×2 Grams $220 / 4×6 Grams $500

Mix & Match any shatter strains on the menu to create the perfect shatter platter

Green Society AAAA+ Shatter Pack (1 Ounce)
$840 $700.00

Sale – Mix & Match any 4 strains of shatter on the menu to make up your ounce. Their AAAA+ shatter is made adhering to strict industry standards and using state-of-the-art techniques to create a potent, clean and clear concentrate. All of their premium grade shatter is processed using real, strain specific buds and all contain their own unique effects and terpene profiles.

Bulk Shatter Canada – Buy Shatter in Bulk from Online Dispensaries Canada for the Best Shatter Prices


The best places to buy bulk shatter in Canada are from BC’s online dispensaries with bulk shop categories for the cheapest bulk shatter prices available. When buying shatter in bulk for personal use, the quantities are normally considered to be from 7 grams (1/4 ounce) to one ounce (24 grams). Why pay upwards to $60 a gram from a brick and mortar dispensary when you can buy bulk shatter online Canada for as low as $15 per gram of the same quality nug run shatter. Buy shatter online with confidence.

Speed Greens Mix & Match AAAA Shatter Bulk Deal
speedgreens-mix-and-match-28-grams-shatter-deal> Mix & Match an ounce of shatter Canada
> Get 28 grams at $23.90 per gram
> Mix & Match 4 strains of 7 grams each

Mango Kush Bulk Shatter Deal from The High Club
One ounce shatter deal
> This Mango Kush shatter is a heavy hitter that delivers strong couch lock effects, but won’t leave you feeling sleepy.
> 28 grams (1 ounce) $550

Buy Shatter Online Canada in Bulk with Haute Health

> For a limited time only
> Get nug run shatter at great prices with Haute Health online dispensary with over 10 strains to choose from
> Starting at $369.60 per ounce
My exclusive Haute Health 20% off coupon code: chronichighclass20 (one time use only)

Shatter/Budder Bulk Mix & Match (1oz) from West Coast Cannabis (

> This bulk shatter/ budder combo pack is on sale for a limited time
> Mix & Match (4x 7 grams) of their premium shatter and budder with over 15 strains to choose from.
> 28 grams (1 ounce) $600 $550

The High Club’s Global Refinery Shatter Bulk Deal

Global Refinery offers premium-grade cannabis concentrates. This shatter has an amazing after taste and a great clean burn.

> BULK/MIX AND MATCH PROMO: 8g $280 / 0.5oz (14g) $420 / 1 oz (28g) for $640
(Applies to any of Global Refinery’s shatter)

GetKush Pineapple Express Bulk Shatter Canada Deal

On sale for a limited time
> Shatter has a reputation as the cleanest and purest extract type. This Pineapple Express shatter is true to its heritage but x10 the effects!
> 2g $80 $60 / 8g $240 $210 / 14g $400 $300 / 1oz (28g) $750 $550
> My Getkush 5% OFF Coupon Code: beaver5

Wholesale Shatter Canada – Buy Shatter Online at Wholesale Prices from Online Dispensaries Canada

The best places to buy wholesale shatter Canada are from BC’s online wholesale dispensaries for the best wholesale prices available. When buying shatter at wholesale prices online, the quantities are normally considered to be over one-ounce (28 grams) to one pound (16 ounces). Why pay upwards to $60 a gram from a local dispensary when you can buy wholesale shatter Canada for as low as $9 per gram of the same quality nug run shatter online.

The High Club Faded Extracts Premium Wholesale Shatter Mix & Match Deal

TheHighClub-faded-extracts-shatter> Wholesale Shatter promotion is on for a limited time only.
> Premium nug run shatter by Canada’s popular cannabis brand Faded Extracts.
> Mix & Match any of our 15 strains of Faded Extracts shatter, and get the following wholesale discounts: 1-7 grams $40 per gram, 8-13 grams $35 per gram, 14-27 grams $26.80 per gram, 28+ grams $19.65 per gram

Pineapple Express Shatter (Top Shelf) from CannaWholesalers

cannawholesalers-pineapple-express-shatter-wholesale-pricing> Get Wholesale Shatter Pricing by the Ounce
> Pineapple Express hybrid shatter combines the potent and flavorful forces of parent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian
> $350 1/2oz / $650 1oz / $2250 4oz / $4200 8oz

Lemon Cake Shatter from CannaWholesalers

cannaWholesalers-Grape-Cookies-bulk-shatter-deal> Get Wholesale Shatter Deals Starting at 1/2 Ounce Orders
> Sativa dominant – High-grade, Nug Run Shatter
> $300 1/2oz / $575 1oz / $2100 4oz / $3950 8oz

Blood Diamond  OG Shatter from CannaWholesalers

cannawholesalers-wholesale-shatter-canada-blood-diamond-strain> Get Wholesale Shatter Canada Deals
> Sativa, Top-shelf Nug Run Shatter
> $350 1/2oz / $650 1oz / $2250 4oz / $4200 8oz

10% off Code: beaverfire10

Buy Shatter Online Canada Spotlight – Nature’s Fire Concentrates

Nature’s Fire Concentrates is a Canadian premium extracts brand that works with only the highest grade of craft cannabis. Nature’s Fire mainly sources their flower from Sacred Garden & The Berlin Flower Co, resulting in some absolutely stellar shatter Canada as well as craft rosin, bubble hash rosin, solventless terp sauce, and THCA diamonds.

Fantastic Shatter Pricing & HT/HC FSE Pricing

When you browse Nature’s Fire menu for top quality Shatter, Hash Rosin, Flower Rosin, Solventless Terp Sauce and Solventless HT/HC FSE, you will discover that their extracts are not only top-shelf, but they are priced cheaper than most online dispensaries for this level of quality. I’ve tried most of it, and I highly recommend Nature’s Fire, their products are clean, with excellent consistency and unreal potency.

If you are interested in Nature’s Fire, you can get it at DHO Medicinal, and be sure to use my exclusive “Try IT” coupon code for 10% off: beaverfire10

Wholesale Concentrates Canada Pricing

Nature’s Fire provides bulk and wholesale pricing on order over one ounce (28 grams). Please contact them directly via email to negotiate a wholesale order for yourself or if you want to retail Nature’s Fire products.

Contact Email:


+ Get 3.5g of free BC bud on sign up

Buy Shatter Online Canada Spotlight – Speed Greens

Speed Greens is one of the cheapest and best online dispensaries to buy shatter online in Canada. When it comes to cheap shatter Canada, there are hundreds of options to buy shatter online. As you have probably noticed we have lots of shatter options listed right here on this page, options like bulk shatter Canada deals, wholesale shatter Canada deals and cheap shatter deals for smaller quantities.

Speed Greens combines all of those options and offer cheap shatter that’s all grade AAAA shatter, how sweet is that? You can buy shatter online at Speed Greens and rest assured you are getting a fantastic deal every time, no matter of the quantities of shatter you buy online.

Speed Greens have an impressive shatter menu with over 20 AAAA strains, priced from $33 per gram to $23.90 per gram when you buy their shatter by the ounce. That’s very competitive shatter prices considering that Speed Greens shatter is all AAAA quality, it’s quite hard to beat in fact.

Check out my Speed Greens unboxing review
Check out my Speed Greens shatter reviews
My Speed Greens Exclusive coupons and upgrades

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts (HTFSE) Canada – From the Best Online Dispensaries

Caviar, THCA Diamonds, Live Resin, and Terp Sauce 

What is HTFSE?

HTFSE is an acronym for High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extracts. They are highly concentrated forms of cannabis, and the purest available. Because of HTFSE’s high purity, it could also contain naturally occurring THCa crystalline structures.

HTFSE are highly refined concentrates that captures the pure terpene essence of the cannabis flower. This process creates a strong flavor profile based on the terpenes that exist in these extractions.

HTFSE is the evolution of shatter in the making! 

If you like shatter, you will love HTFSE in any of its types (Caviar, Diamonds, Terp Sauce, Diamonds in Sauce, or Live Resin). I’ve tried a lot of the HTFSE products showcased below and they were all mind-blowing with complex clean flavors. The exhales were dense and bountiful with huge clouds of rich white smoke and with huge vapor clouds as well.

HTFSE, Live Resin, Live Sauce, Wax & More

Buy Concentrates Online at the Grow House, with guaranteed free shipping on orders over $100 and with great prices.

Featuring a diverse concentrates menu, a few of their best selling extracts are; MK Ultra Terp Sauce, Cheese Quake Live Resin, Megalodon Live Sauce, and Grape God Wax.

Use my exclusive “The Grow House” coupon code for 10% off: Chronic10 (one-time use).


Caviar, Diamonds, Live Resin, Live Sause, Badder, and Budder,

20% off first order coupon: GS20

Take a look at everything on Green Society’s HTFSE concentrates menu, with lots of sales and special offers.

What is Caviar? Green Society sees it as full spectrum extracts on steroids. First, they follow the same process as HTFSE (High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract). What makes Caviar different from Shatter is that the whole time it’s purging, they actively capture the terpene vapors through a sophisticated method of subzero terpene trapping. These valuable terpenes are then reintroduced to the already reintroduced terpene mixture breaking down the crystals to the point where they form small balls of “caviar”, it’s unreal!

High Voltage HTFSE At Speed Greens


Go for the “full plant experience”! High Voltage Extract’s HTFSE Terp Sauce captures more unique terpenes and cannabinoids than any other extraction method!

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract from High Voltage Extracts in British Columbia are some of the highest-end premium cannabis extraction available on the market. HTFSE 95% THC is the preservation of all available terpenes maintained from harvest to vaporization. Typically, Full Spectrum Terp Sauce will contain about 50% cannabinoids, 20-30% terpenes, and 20-30% other trichrome cannabis biomolecules.

Speed Greens Coupon & Discount Codes: See our review for all their current deals (too much to list here).

Live Resin At Speed Greens


What is Live Resin?

The distinguishing factor that separates live-resins from other concentrate products is the elevated terpene content that these extracts tend to contain. Live resins, on average, carry a more robust terpene concentration than traditionally cured BHO extracts. In addition to producing a more pungent aroma, the higher and more complex terpene profiles can also deliver an elevated psychoactive experience because terpenes can interact with cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

Both of these factors have influenced why live resins have risen to the top of the cannabis concentrate market. Fans of premium cannabis extracts tend to place a high value on flavor and aroma as well as effect.

Speed Greens Coupon & Discount Codes: See our review for all their current deals (too much to list here).

THCA Diamonds, Live Resin and Terp Sauce Sale @ BMWO

Free shipping over $99

What are THCA Diamonds? “the world’s strongest concentrate” this crystalized extract is gaining some serious traction as it boasts one of the highest potencies on the market. At more than 99 percent pure THC-A, these ultra-processed little gems can range from small grains to gravel-sized pieces, and they’re definitely for experienced smokers only. Once THC is reduced to its purest state, crystallization occurs, creating a substance that shines like no other concentrate on the market. While there may be a negative stigma surrounding substances of similar appearance, don’t let its looks fool you, THC-A diamonds are truly the purest and most potent form of THC. Diamonds are the moonshine of the concentrate’s world.

Limited quantities are available as it takes over a month to grow these diamonds.

BuyMyWeedOnline 10% off coupon code: FRESH10 with 3.5 grams of free weed on your first order.

What is Shatter?

Shatter is a term used to describe an extremely potent type of cannabis concentrate (up to 90% or more), AKA butane hash oil (BHO). Shatter is traditionally amber in color and gets its name from its transparent glass-like texture that “shatters” when it’s broken up to be smoked. Shatter is created by treating marijuana flowers with a solvent to extract the active ingredients. Just like marijuana flowers, shatter can be sativa, indica or hybrid-based.  The result is a marijuana concentrate with up to 90% or more in cannabinoids such as THC and/or CBD, compared to the average of 5% – 25% you will get in dried marijuana flowers.

Out of all the marijuana concentrate types available in the Canadian market, shatter is considered to the most potent. So use caution when trying shatter for the first time, and when you buy cheap shatter online in Canada, make sure you get it from a trusted source so you get the cleanest safest shatter available.

Please note, all forms of cannabis concentrates have higher cannabinoid content and as a result will have more THC & CBD ingredients than it’s flower counterpart.  Quantity and dosage become important, start with smaller doses in order to establish what quantity is right for you.

What is Nug Run Shatter?

“Nug Run” refers to shatter made from the buds themselves.

What is Trim Run Shatter?

“Trim Run” refers to shatter that is made from the trim left over when manicuring buds.

A great end product can be made from either, but the quality of your dabs will always rank supreme with Nug Run shatter.

Please Report Expired Deals & Coupons

If you come across any deals or coupons that are no longer valid or shatter menu items that are out of stock, please report them in the comments section below and we will update them ASAP.

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